Storage Batteries

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Storage Batteries allow you to store the energy generated by your solar panels or from your utility grid for later use.

Most Storage Battery solutions also include Solar production and energy consumption monitoring, combined with intelligent energy management features.

These features minimize the amount of energy drawn from the grid to reduce cost and shorten the payback period.


  • Use solar-generated energy and energy from the grid during time periods optimally suited to your utility rate plan to save money – especially if you are on the Time-of-Use rate plan.
  • Use daytime solar-generated energy at night – for example, to charge your electric vehicle at night from energy generated by your Solar System during the daytime.
  • Most utility companies do not provide credit or provide minimal credit for Solar energy produced beyond your consumption and exported to the grid. With Storage Batteries, this excess energy can be stored and used later – essentially being credited at the utility’s retail rate.
  • Use during emergencies such as blackouts.
  • Go Off-Grid – Depending on your energy usage and generation capability, it is possible to not need any energy from the grid.
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